My Focus Area is...


Efficiently clear and salt roads, comply with regulations and reduce liability. Keep the public safe


Monitor a mixed fleet of vehicles & assets along with wide range of tracking technologies & sensors


A high-performance fleet of special purpose vehicles & assets. Make sure the right assets are available & work


Comply with BNQ specifications and ensure explosive magazines are inspected. Keep permits and the public safe


Keep citizens happy and comply with environmental regulations. Pick up fast, make the fleet last


Track and monitor vehicles & assets so first responders arrive safely with the equipment they need to save lives


Gain visibility into the performance of your equipment & operators. Improve utilization, reduce downtime & costs


Connect your fleet, assets and enforcement officers. Monitor patrols and investigations


Plowing and salting roads and highways is a critical service delivered by local government and departments of transportation. Citizens lives depend on clear and safe roads maintained by winter maintenance operations departments, vehicles and drivers. Their job is to make sure roads are plowed and de-iced as soon as possible.

While a department heads primary goal is ensuring roads are clear and safe they’re also tasked with containing costs, proving environmental compliance and optimizing the performance of their workers, assets and fleets.

SkyHawk’s Winter Operations GPS fleet management solution is unique in the industry supporting a wide range of spreader controllers and sensors and includes specialized winter ops reports. The solution effectively and efficiently deploys, monitors and manages fleets, drivers, assets and material usage. Winter Operations managers have real-time and up to date visibility on the performance of drivers, current state of snow removal and other sources of information necessary to monitor overall operating costs, spreading frequency and quantities and to prove environmental and performance requirements.  


Public works provides critical infrastructure and services that support the daily activities of residents, schools and businesses. In addition they are responsible for infrastructure planning, policy and ensuring the best use and deployment of capital and operating expenditures and assets.

Typically, public works leaders and staff, oversee a diverse fleet of vehicles used for winter operations, waste management, street sweeping and repairs; enforcement, facilities maintenance, and landscaping, to name a few. Each have unique GPS tracking and service delivery requirements ranging from mowing grass to plowing roads.

SkyHawk’s Public Works solution is a core platform used to have full oversight of mixed fleets, assets and the underlying technology used to track, monitor and maintain core services people depend on in their daily lives.


Power utilities fleet and field operations managers are at the front line when it comes to keeping the “lights on” in our homes, businesses and schools. Electricity is an essential and regulated service and power generators and distributors rely on their field operations teams and fleets to fix outages, maintain and upgrade the grid.

Utilities have unique challenges when it comes to fleet management and optimization. They tend to have a wide range of general and special purpose vehicles that must be monitored in real-time. Fleets can include general purpose utility trucks, derrick diggers and bucket trucks used to deliver field operations and support to the community.

SkyHawk’s Power Utilities GPS fleet management dual mode connectivity (Cell & Satellite) solution shows, in real-time, the location and status of vehicles and assets deployed in the field. It integrates with GIS applications and data for route completion and point of interest verification. Special reports on use of ECM, PTO, outriggers, boom and beacon lights help utilities extend the life of their fleet.


Explosives permit holders are obligated to comply with BNQ specifications as set out by NRCAN. They must, as required by law, inspect explosive magazines to ensure they are safe, secure and being used for the purpose they’re intended. Permit holders include business owners, operators, safety supervisors, site supervisors and explosive operators are held accountable for monitoring magazines and for any explosives that are stolen and used to cause personal harm.

Explosive storage facilities (magazines) must be monitored and/or physically inspected every 12 to 24 hours to confirm there has been no break-ins and theft. Physical inspection can be problematic and cannot scale especially in remote areas. The reliability of monitoring systems is also an issue which puts regulatory compliance and public safety at risk.

The SkyHawk Explosives Management GPS solution provides remote and automatic monitoring in order to reduce the risk of unauthorized magazine access, theft or movement of magazines via Geofencing triggers. Permit holders use this solution in order to comply with industry regulations, and reduce liability, manual work and costs.


Local government is entrusted to collect waste and recyclable materials from residents and local businesses by waste management operations departments. Waste project and collections operations managers need to ensure routes are completed in a timely manner in order to satisfy the general public while complying with environmental regulations and standards.

Managers need a system that tracks vehicles in real-time, via bread crumb route tracking, while gathering critical information used for preventative maintenance, to maximize fleet performance and increase ROI.  

The Waste Management GPS fleet management solution includes 24/7 cellular/satellite connectivity, hardware, GIS integration (if required) and access to SkyHawk’s ConnectAnywhere™ web portal to monitor vehicles on-route in real time. Route and vehicles can be distinguished based on route type (recycling vs. waste).  The solution provides comparative data and reports on fuel consumption, driver behaviour and insights on how to prolong the lifespan of the fleet.


Emergency and paramedic services need to act on a minutes notice in order to save lives. They need to make quick and accurate decisions in order to reduce response time to emergencies. Paramedics need to be confident that all life saving equipment is on board the ambulance, while logistics and operations teams need to ensure these expensive assets don’t get lost.

Saving lives is the only goal of EMS teams but fleets, assets and costs need to be monitored and managed. And, government regulations need to be adhered to and compliance must be demonstrated.  

The SkyHawk EMS GPS Management Solution integrates 24/7 connectivity with hardware components including sensors for sirens and asset tags for tracking equipment.  Web based fleet tracking software provides minute to minute monitoring of ambulances (on route and available for dispatch), ensures proper equipment is on each vehicle and flags whether equipment has been left behind. Logistics and operations teams use this solution to reduce the maintenance and operating costs of the fleet and unnecessary loss of equipment.


Business owners, fleet managers, site supervisors and general managers find themselves managing a diverse fleet of expensive construction vehicles and equipment that perform critical roles in the successful completion of a project. They need to know that the right equipment is on site, that it’s running properly and being fully utilized by workers for the job. Construction vehicles and equipment need to be tracked and monitored to ensure a project is profitable.

Key leaders and managers need complete visibility of where their vehicles and equipment are at any given moment in order to improve daily and weekly utilization, complete jobs faster, better and safer.

SkyHawk’s Construction GPS Management solution integrates 24/7 connectivity with hardware and web based monitoring and reporting software that provides a real-time view into the movement, health, utilization and operating costs of construction vehicles and equipment. It is used for incident investigation, education and to improve on the job safety. Vehicle and equipment utilization data helps companies better predict costs on future jobs and implement predictive maintenance programs to improve ROI.


Provincial, State and local municipalities are tasked with enforcing a range of laws ranging from parking violations to transportation truck safety. Enforcement departments, inspection directors and regional managers need to manage their fleets but also their enforcement officers. They need visibility into their fleets to see the location and status of their vehicles and whether their officers are “engaged” in an investigation with a member of the general public.

What’s needed is a system that monitors the fleet and investigations being conducted by enforcement officers in order to ensure officer/public safety, improve productivity and regulatory compliance. And, a way to track the completion of patrols while finding ways to cut vehicle operating and maintenance costs.

The SkyHawk Enforcement GPS solution includes 27/7 connectivity, siren and alert sensors, video recording and back office access and use of SkyHawk’s ConnectAnywhere™ web portal. The solution focuses on improving enforcement officer’s safety and adherence to inspection procedures and alerts operations teams if an officer is in trouble. It’s also used to ensure patrol routes have been completed and identifies available officers and vehicles. Data and reports are used for predictive maintenance, to improve driver safety, and optimize fleet usage and longevity.