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Make better decisions and increase fleet performance, employee and public safety


Protect, monitor & ensure assets are working and being used to deliver critical services


Comply with regulations for dangerous materials storage & handling remotely


Ensure complete and consistent connectivity to your vehicles, assets and people


Think beyond assets and vehicles and provide employees with convenience and protection


Use industry leading integrated HOS, e-log, DVIR and ELD for safety and compliance


In-Vehicle application to improve operations, and ensure driver safety and comfort


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SkyHawk GPS fleet tracking solutions are specifically designed to provide service for mixed fleets of light duty, heavy duty, commercial, industrial, construction and off road vehicles. We provide solutions for winter operations, government and public works including waste management, utilities, EMS, law enforcement and construction.

These advanced telematics fleet management and monitoring solutions focus on operational efficiencies that provides true ROI, analytics and reports that enhance management’s decision making effectiveness, and increases overall fleet performance and employee safety.

Our customer centric solutions integrate and support various manufacturers of telematics hardware devices, sensors and network/satellite service providers that work seamlessly with our ConnectAnywhere™ telematics SaaS software.

ASSET MANAGEMENT – Real Time GPS Asset Tracking

SkyHawk GPS asset tracking solutions are designed to track high value non-vehicle operational assets used to deliver critical services by departments of transportation, municipalities, power and energyemergency services, mining and construction companies.

Offered as a stand-alone solution or bundled with SkyHawk’s fleet management solution, clients are able to locate, track, monitor and view assets in real-time. This enables organizations to protect their assets from theft/loss using tags (e.g. defibrillators, portable suction units, stretchers etc.) and monitor the performance of operating assets with sensors (e.g. booms, plows, salt spreaders, pumps etc.).

Depending on the needs of our client, SkyHawk deploys the best tracking devices, sensors and connectivity based on the importance and how critical the assets are to the delivery of services. Clients use our ConnectAnywhere™ SaaS software for real-time tracking, reporting and performance monitoring.


SkyHawk’s Federally compliant GPS explosives monitoring solutions covers both vehicles and magazines. Designed for clients that transport, use and store explosive materials in mining, construction, forestry, security, oil and gas and pyrotechnics.

Approved by the Canadian Explosive Regulatory Division (ERD) this solution provides legal compliance for Canadian Department of Justice – Criminal Code – Chapter C-46 “Dangerous Substances” Section 79 & 80, and Canadian Department of Justice – Explosives Act – CRC c.599 Part VI Section 63.

Skyhawk’s solution monitors access, detects break-ins and issues alerts on non-approved access attempts. A compact and rugged satellite based mobile system used to monitor explosive transport vehicles, wireline trucks, railcars and mobile containers.

NETWORK CONNECTIVITY – cellular and satellite

SkyHawk solutions deliver on the “connect anywhere” philosophy by using national cellular providers and three of the world’s most reliable global satellite networks, Iridium Inc., Inmarsat and Globalstar Inc.

All solutions include data modems, data servers and network connectivity that enables sophisticated web-based communications, via ConnectAnywhere™ cloud based service, that relay information to and from field devices anywhere in the world.

All SkyHawk solutions include device activations, network management and airtime packages for cellular and satellite coverage using least-cost routing. The system has the ability to communicate in both real-time as well as in a disconnected or store-and-forward mode. Advanced communication protocols (e.g. TCP/IP) are used to confirm the receipt of all transmitted data such that no data is lost or discarded.

WORKER SAFETY – convenience to mission critical

SkyHawk Telematics solutions can be enhanced for worker safety and to optimize communication for your workforce. We can help organizations to track, rescue, or connect with, people in remote locations globally.

Solution offerings range from value add in-vehicle wifi/internet access for fleets to mission critical communications to Emergency Medical Services (EMS).

Key safety scenarios we address include: driver verification, hours of service and behavior; lone worker monitoring; live GPS route mapping and speed and aggressive driving notifications.

HOS/DVIR – simple, dependable and compliant

SkyHawk offers industry leading HOS, e-log and DVIR capabilities in our telematics solution through our ConnectAnywhere™ software as a service and a single ELD hardware platform. The solution is a single source option that is fully compliant to industry standards which meets all feature requirements and functionality for both the fleet telematics and HoS/DVIR requirement.

One fully integrated solution ensures accuracy and consistency of data reporting as well as overall cost reductions for system acquisition, implementation and ongoing administration and maintenance. It includes the industry’s simplest to operate, most flexible to implement and most affordable E-Log solution fully compliant with FMCSA final ruling and Canadian DOT ruling for HOS, fully integrated with DVIR.

Key solution components include a mobile application that can be installed on any Android device and a web based integrated into the SkyHawk’s ConnectAnywhere™ cloud service.

IN-VEHICLE APPLICATIONS – interoperable and agnostic

SkyHawk in-vehicle software solutions are designed to be platform and operating system agnostic and to interoperate with other industry specific software applications including GIS/ESRI.

All SkyHawk in-vehicle software solutions synchronize with our ConnectAnywhere™ cloud based monitoring system to provide real-time, consolidated data access and operation visibility. They can be deployed on tablets or laptops using a single SIM card.

SkyHawk in-vehicle solutions include the following: ELD driver logs/HOS; commercial pre-trip inspection logs; GPS navigation; driver ID; speed notifications; driver safety, high speed internet (wifi/ethernet) and in-cab navigation.