Public Sector Fleet & Asset Management

Manage mixed fleets and monitor performance of vehicle and assets. Ensure public safety while keeping costs and liability risks under control.

Always Connected

Public Sector organizations rely on cost effective GPS telematics solutions plus reliable cellular and satellite network connectivity. With SkyHawk you can ConnectAnywhere™

Rugged and Reliable GPS Fleet & Asset Management for the Public Sector

Full service telematics solutions, services and expertise you need to turn data into decisions.


Connect, communicate, monitor and capture telematics data from anywhere. Maintain a critical link to your vehicles, assets and people. Connect with confidence.

Solutions by Need

Do you need to track, protect and monitor fleets, assets or explosives? How important is regulatory compliance, worker safety and asset optimization? We can help.

Solutions by Industry

Learn about SkyHawk’s industry solutions in Public Works, Winter Ops, EMS, Power Utilities, Waste Management, Construction and Enforcement. Expertise matters.

About Us

We’re driven to deliver value by offering complete GPS telematics & AVL solutions & services that turn data into decisions. Learn about our philosophy, mission & vision.

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